Ways Urgent Care Jacksonville Facilities Have Changed Services In Health Sector

In most health centers, it is common to find long queues of patients with different problems. Some crowd around emergency rooms only to realize that their cases do not fit to be attended there. This causes them to wait for longer since anyone with a life-threatening sickness will be given high priority. Through health facilities offering urgent care Jacksonville medical services have greatly been improved. This is because these centers reduce some crowding witnessed in primary health facilities.

If you had an accident and sustained a simple fracture or severe bruises that are not really life-threatening, rushing to urgent care providers is your best choice. These are walk in clinics and most patients do not have prior appointment when going to such. Save your time by going to such clinics unless you have to get admission.

Such centers are best alternatives to waiting for long in a queue only to get a consultation that does not even last but for a few seconds. It is thus acceptable to say that the concept of customer service has finally come to health care through such centers. This comes as a solution to most people in the society who have no time to wait long, yet they want quality services.

Their efficiency compared to services in primary health centers has also led to faster growth of the clinics. With many people opting for such facilities, especially the middle class, medical practitioners have also seized the opportunity and invested greatly in the area. They also accept most health insurance payments, making it more convenient for the professionals and their families.

It is expensive to attend emergency care centers when your condition does not fit to be treated there. You will pay for the same items those with emergence cases are paying for. To avoid such, save your time and pockets by going for urgent care providers.

Another important reason to consider carefully where you seek treatment is that delay or lack of proper diagnosis can lead to serious consequences. This is greatly common when you visit the wrong health facility. Of importance is to consider your situation carefully, assess how you feel and decide which health center will be suitable for you. At the same time, do not wait till you are sick to start finding which centers are within your reach. This can cause delays that could worsen your situation.

Most centers of this kind are privately owned and may not face strict regulations by the government like primary care facilities. This means the patient may have to do a lot of groundwork on their own before they settle for a certain clinic. Find out about the training, experience and area of expertise of the professionals running the clinic. You cannot expect your well-being to be ensured by people you can hardly trust. Remember, in the medical field you could also find unscrupulous practitioners. It is your duty to avoid such by all means.

During their search for a suitable clinic offering urgent care Jacksonville dwellers should prioritize quality medical attention to fast services. Go for nothing less than fast, reliable but effective medical treatment. You can gain such in these facilities at an affordable price.

Lophatherum Essence (bamboo Leaf) Is The First Health Food For China’s Aerospace Astronauts

Lophatherum Essence is the first high-tech natural health food in the world developed from bamboo leaf flavones and coumarin lactones using advanced processing technology. It is also a special health food for China’s aerospace industry. Its raw materials come from the bamboo leaf grown in Zhejiang, China, which contains a rich variety of bioactive components and nutriments that are important to our health, and is an ideal plant that can be used as both food and medicine.

Bamboo is one of the most valuable plants in the world. Its application as medicine was recorded as early as 1500 years ago in Chinese medical books of different times. Bamboo leaf also has a long history of application as both food and medicine in China. Profound researches on bamboo leaf has allowed its extract to be used extensively in the fields that include medicine, food, anti-oxidant and cosmetics.

Lophatherum Essence takes bamboo leaf as main ingredient and is refined by modern biotechnology. It has become a favorable choice by consumers since its debut on the market years ago.

It is clinically proven by Shanghai First People’s Hosiptal: the flavone from bamboo leaf can eliminate various active oxygen-derived free radicals, inhibit the peroxidation of lipids, cleanse blood vessels, and has good effect on cardio-cerebral vascular protection. Furthermore, flavone extracted from bamboo leaf also has a good immunoregulation function that will significantly promote the resistance of body to adverse environment and diseases.

Bamboo leaf can be consumed either as food or medicine. It is safe and with no toxic or adverse effect. Its safety is comparable to that of other medicinal-edible plants including Chinese date, ginger, honey, medlar, lotus leaf, and fresh reed rhizome. Researches show that no toxic and adverse effect is associated with bamboo leaf flavone, and it is free of hormones and anti-nutrition factors. It will participate in metabolism and be immediately discharged from the body without accumulation, and thus has edibility with great safety.

The fine outstanding manufacturing process of this bamboo product leads to its definite functional ingredients, high purity, high stability and high hydrophilicity. Compared with normal flavones, bamboo leaf flavone has advantages in its stable structure, resistance to degradation, and direct effect on deep lesion access.

Researches prove that bamboo leaf extract contains effective components such as flavones, lactones, amino acids, active peptide, manganese, zinc, and selenium. This Lophatherum Essence takes bamboo leaf flavones as key ingredient with the function of blood-lipid regulation. Clinical experiments show that it is a safe and effective health food that applies to different kinds of blood-lipid abnormalities. It is also effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases, anti-free radicals, anti-oxidation, anti-fatigue, immunity-enhancement, anti-inflammation, sleep improvement, and beautification, etc. Simply said, it cares for your heart and brain.

With unlimited benefits resulted from this lophatherum essence / bamboo leaf, you can inevitably want to know more what can actually help. It is a long term and ongoing process, the effect they produced, provide long term stability to your heart and brain.

Penis Health Benefits Of Acetyl L Carnitine

Most men who are familiar with the term acetyl L carnitine (sometimes known as ALCAR or L-carnitine) have probably heard it of it in the context of body building;. Men who participate in this sport often use supplements containing ALCAR for its properties as a fat-burning agent. However, this important chemical, which occurs naturally in the body at limited levels, has many other benefits, as well. Most recently, L-carnitine has received recognition for its ability to maximize penile sensation and increase sexual stamina.

What is acetyl L carnitine?

L carnitine is an amino acid, an important building block used in the formation of proteins chemicals which provide the body with energy. Amino acids can be synthesized in the body (mainly in the kidneys and liver) and are also ingested in certain foods, mainly red meats and grains, or in supplement form. Acetyl L carnitine is especially popular as a supplement for body builders it is used by the body to transport fatty acids into cell mitochondria, where they can be burned as fuel, thus decreasing levels of fat in the body and working to increasing muscle mass at the same time.

Aside from burning fat, acetyl L carnitine has numerous other medical and health benefits. It is used in the treatment of certain mental disorders ranging from age-related depression to Alzheimers disease; it is also used in treating patients with emotional isues, as well as those suffering from nerve pain related to diabetes, and even as part of a treatment regimen for cataracts. In addition, several mens sexual health benefits have been linked to this important amino acid.

What are the most significant penis benefits of acetyl L carnitine?

L-carnitine is critical to the manufacture of fuel in the body and is needed to support energy levels for intense sessions of physical activity; it can also help to slow the effects of aging and promote healing. The following benefits of ALCAR are specific to penis health:

1. Peyronies disease: This uncomfortable disorder occurs when a lump of scar tissue develops at the base of the penis, underneath the skin at the top or bottom of the shaft. As the tissue hardens and thickens, it can create stiffening at the base, causing the penis to bend or arc during an erection and making intercourse difficult and sometimes painful. L-carnitine protects against the incidence of Peyronies disease and may also help to reduce scarring that has already occurred.

2. Enhanced penile sensitivity: L-carnitine protects against the nerve damage that can occur as a result of frequent sexual activity over time; left untreated, damage to the penile nerves can lead to decreased sensitivity, which in turn has a negative effect on sexual function.

3. Male menopause: Besides the production of energy, amino acids are necessary for the synthesis of hormones such as testosterone. In many cases, acetyl-L-carnitine has been successful in the treatment of male menopause, a term used to refer to reduced levels of testosterone production.

Where can I find mens products containing acetyl L carnitine that provide specific penis health benefits?

The health benefits from using acetyl L carnitine are significant; with the right product, you can maintain a healthy penis, increase your energy levels and enjoy enhanced sensation that leads to improved sexual performance.

While there are plenty of supplements containing ALCAR that are available in the form of powders, pills and protein shakes, the amino acids in these oral supplements are not always well-absorbed by the body. The penis benefits of acetyl L carnitine are most easily obtained through use of a specially-formulated penis health oils (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), which is applied directly to the penis and absorbed into the skin for maximum effectiveness. The penis-specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids and moisturizers contained in these products provide numerous penis health benefits that keep you feeling great and performing at your best.

Mango Health Benefits And Medicinal Uses

Mango or aam or aamra is amongst the most popular summer fruits in India. Its probably the only fruit which comes in such different varieties, from place to place be it the alphanso of Mumbai, safeda of Andhra Pradesh, chausa and dussehri of UP, langhra of Banaras, sindoori, totapari, malda the list is endless. Its consumed raw and ripe and also forms an important ingredient of sauces, pickles, juices, jams too. Mango juice is used to make aam-panna and when mixed with milk, makes milk shake. Its cut into small pieces, dried and then amchoor (dried mango powder) is prepared for various uses.

Health benefits curative and medicinal uses

* General Tonic: Mix mango pulp with a glass of milk (Mango shake) to provide vigour and vitality to the body system. It helps in gaining weight and removes instant debility. It also increases your Red Blood Cells (RBCs) and is thus, very useful when tackling anemic conditions. Mango shake is also effective in pernicious anemia and anemia during pregnancy.

* Heat Stroke: Aam panna is an excellent recipe for treating and preventing heat. It consists of the mango juice from half-baked unripe mangoes along with salt, black pepper, cumin seeds and sugar. It also helps to restore the salt-sugar balance in the body.

* Nausea and vomiting: Mix honey, rock salt, sugar to fresh juice of ripe mangoes and sip the preparation. This provides immediate relief and subdues the nauseating and vomiting tendency.

* Increasing Appetite: Mango juice, along with some sugar and rock salt, removes anorexia and improves appetite. Sucking mango juice wards off impaction of bowels, indigestion and habitual/chronic constipation.

* Insomnia / sleeplessness: Before retiring to bed, take a glassful of mango-shake or mango juice followed with glass of lukewarm water. It will help in countering sleeplessness.

Precautions / considerations in consumption:

* Excessive intake of mangoes can invite gastric problems, itching and redness in eyes, indigestion, heat in blood, loose motions and even anal pain. Thus, mangoes should always be consumed in moderate quantities.

* Jambul fruit offsets and removes problems caused due to excessive consumption of mangoes.

* Avoid taking cold water immediately after mangoes.

* Never take mangoes on empty stomach.

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New India Considers No-frills Health Insurance Plan

There is a massive, untapped market for health insurance and public sector insurance giant New India declaration is planning to develop a individual product targeting this part, according to company officials.

The company is in the process of developing a no-frills health insurance policy targeting the lower income sector. The product will be launched in three months, said Segar Sampath, deputy general manager, New India Assurance.

There are about 600-700 million people in that segment who do not have any medical coverage. There is a huge market to be captured. We are developing a plain vanilla product with lower premium to meet their needs, said Segar Sampath.

The company at present is studying the market, the affordability levels of the intention segment, the premium payable by them and would try and develop a product with smaller cash and controls to meet their medical emergency needs, he said.

While governments in states like Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu already have medical insurance coverage for those below dearth line, the segment of people just above the poverty line is a huge market untouched and unmet at present, experts say.

There are not many health insurance products tailored for this segment. More than that, health insurance companies have failed to create responsiveness about health insurance to this segment of people, said Meena Nair, vice-president, (India) insure risk management and insurance brokerage services.

While launching the right product with an affordable premium is important to meet their needs, what would also matter is the marketing of these products efficiently to ensure their reach to the target group.

The insurers are probably wary of claims settlement in this segment which could be one reason why they have hesitated to meet their needs. In case of government health insurance programmes, people would know that they could approach the hospitals. But for those just above poverty levels there would be very little knowledge on things like the ways of lodging a claim. The onus lies on the insurance firm to educate them, Nair said.

Source: [mydigitalfc]

Understanding The Five Basic Types Of Health Insurance Plans

Insurance bought through a Health Maintenance Organization, Preferred Provider Organizations, Exclusive Provider Organization, Point of service and Fee for Service are the 5 basic types of health insurance plans.
As each type has its own set of benefits and limitations, typically, health insurance plans fall into 5 basic types. Insurance agents sometimes use health insurance leads to help them figure out which plan is the best for their client. Be sure to do your homework and have a good understanding of the different types of insurance you may choose from before you go insurance shopping.
Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
One of the most common types of health insurance is Health Maintenance Organization. Most Americans buy their insurance through an HMO because that’s the way most employers do it. Choosing an HMO is easier on your wallet and offer a variety of coverage. HMOs offer complete care networks. The policyholders selects a primary-care physician who works as a gatekeeper to direct all healthcare services and medical needs when needed. When the primary-care physical refers the patient to the specialist or medical service, only expenses will be covered by the HMOs. The drawbacks of an HMO plan is that, out of all healthcare insurance options, it is the most restrictive. Some doctors require you to pay a co-pay before being seen depending on your insurance policy stipulations.
Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)
A PPO does not require you to get referrals. But, cost-wise it is advantageous if the healthcare services and specialists chosen by the policyholder are within the PPO’s own prescribed network. It is more expensive to source service and facilities from outside as it may require you to pay 20% of the total cost in advance and the remaining 80% is covered by the PPO.
Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)
Somewhat similar to PPOs, but with a distinctly smaller network are Exclusive Provider Organizations, or EPOs. Unlike PPOs, EPOs usually do not provide coverage for services rendered by specialists outside their own network.
Point of service (POS)
Health insurance plans that fall under a point of service type is similar to PPOs in that they also have a primary-care physician. These will allow the insured to go to specialists at their own discretion.
Fee for service (FFS)
This is the least restrictive type you can get, and actually offers a wider range of specialists and facilities. To choose which doctor, facility or treatment they want, fee for service policyholders are given this discretion. First, the insured must pay the deductible amount (a preset number), then the insurance provider can pay for the services. The insured is also usually required to pay 20% of the costs for every service he or she accrues. A maximum amount that the insured is required to pay is stipulated in the insurance contract.
Unfailingly make a complete overview of your coverage needs and your financial possibilities when deciding on a health insurance plan. Strive to balance the before mentioned aspects to get the plan best fitted to your situation.

Keys To Using A Colon Cleanse For A Healthier Colon

When the colon isnt working properly and fecal matter builds up, it becomes very toxic. These toxins can lead to a growth in parasites, bacteria and illness. The quickest way to rid your body of these toxins is to do a colon cleanse. Once you have completed a colon cleanse, you will find that some health problems will disappear very quickly. You will also feel better overall and have more energy.

There are a number of different ways you can cleanse your colon. One of the most popular ways to clean your colon is to use a colon cleansing kit that you can purchase in a pharmacy, health store or online. For the most part these products are herbal preparations which work to cleanse the colon from the inside out.

1. Choose your colon cleansing product with care.

There are so many colon cleanse products on the market that choosing between them can be a bit difficult. It is worthwhile doing a bit of research before choosing one. Not all cleansing kits offer the same benefits and achieve the same results. However, these herbs are safe so even if the blend doesnt work as well as you would like, you can just try another product. colon health is so important that it is worthwhile persisting until you find a product that works well for you.

2. Follow the instructions.

Your colon cleansing kit will come with important information about colon health as well as specific instructions about how to use the product. Different products will take different periods of times to work effectively. To use the product safely, it is important to use it according to the manufacturers instructions.

3. Be willing to ask questions.

If you have any questions about how to use the product, possible reactions, or concerns dont be afraid to ask questions. Most manufacturers will have a customer help line. Alternatively, you can often contact them via their website. If you have purchased the product from a pharmacy, a pharmacist can advise. It is important to use these products correctly so its worth understanding the directions in the first place.

4. Dont use more than you need.

Generally speaking, a colon cleansing kit will have more product than you actually need. Once you have followed the instructions and have used the product for the proper time period, dont keep going just because you have some left. You can use what is left over at a later date when you do another treatment.

5. Be patient and give the product time to work.

Colon cleansing kits designed for home use, tend to work gently and gradually so it is important to give it time to work. Dont assume it is not working if nothing happens in the first few days.

Maintaining good colon health is essential for your overall health and well being. Herbal colon cleansing products are a powerful first step towards this goal. However, it needs to be followed up by a diet high in natural fiber and nutrition. Avoid processed foods and eat as naturally and as healthily as possible. You also need to drink plenty of water to keep your colon clean.

The Health Benefits Of A Forward Sloping Seat For An Ergonomic Computer Chair

One of the pioneers in proposing the benefits of a forward-sloping seat was Danish surgeon Dr. A.C. Mandal. He had found that the only way he could remain seated without incurring backpain was to lean forward on the front legs of his chair. He also observed that many school children did the same thing when trying to ease back pain brought on by poorly designed school furniture.
Mandal recommended that the seat pan should slope forward by 15. When we take up this position our lumbar spine does not need to flatten out to assume the seated posture and our hips and trunk are at the optimum position of balance for the muscles.
By tilting your seat forward you alter your centre of gravity from behind the sitting bones (ischial tuberosity) to directly above them. As a result your muscles do not have to tense up or contract to maintain an erect posture. At the same time the lumbar curve ( or lordosis) is restored and pressure on your discs is reduced.
A variation on the forward-tilt seat has been produced which copies the shape of a saddle. This has the effect of opening out the thighs and giving more stability to the pelvis. It also restores some lordosis to the lumbar spine. There are versions of this type of seat on the market which are popular with some people. One drawback of this type of seat, however, is that your desk has to be set up much higher to allow for the legs to occupy the saddle position.
Some of the more common objections to early versions of the sloping seat were:-
You tended to slide forward.
Too much weight was placed on the feet.
Your clothes tended to ‘ruck up’..

Balans Chair:
The Balans was one of the first forward-sloping chairs in mass production to incorporate Mandal’s suggestions – using a knee rest to prevent slipping forward.
Most of the weight is taken on the knees and while this reduces pressure on the discs, the muscles had to work harder to maintain an erect posture since there is no backrest. As your muscles become tired there is a natural tendency to slump.
In addition to these problems your knees and shins can become quite sore after a time since there is no provision for changing the knee position. Getting in and out of the chair is somewhat difficult because of interference from the central pillar.
Despite the various drawbacks mentioned, however, many thousands of these chairs were sold because of the obvious relief given to the discs through the forward-sloping seat taking pressure off the spine.
Kneelsit balance chair
When you allow the seat pan to tilt forward your pelvis rotates forward, this posture produces the least amount of stress on muscles, tendons and discs, since your spine is correctly aligned.
It also pulls the chest out, increases lung capacity and makes breathing easier as well as improving the working of the heart and blood circulation; it also allows you an open abdomen, which aids digestion.
When your pelvis is tilted forward your lumbar spine curves naturally and the rest of your spine follows. This is the ideal posture when working upright – as at a computer. When you have a backrest – as in the Kneelsit chair – this backward tilt can also be used to relax the spine and take pressure off your disks and muscles, for example when you are reading or just chatting.
The real secret, however, to maintaining a healthy spine is to have a chair which allows free-flowing, natural movement between both forward and backward tilts. This sets up a continuous “pumping action” which feeds and nourishes the cells of your spinal discs, exercises your back muscles and allows you to sit for hours on end with very little discomfort.

The Importance Of Having Good Mental Health In The Workplace

Keeping your employees’ nose to the grindstone requires dedicating equal attention to their physical and mental well-being. However, for most employers out there, the need to keep their businesses afloat has led them to overlook this all-too significant aspect. Although it is expected that your employees have to live up to their job descriptions and stay committed to the demands of their positions at all cost, it cannot be discounted that being mere human beings, they too have their individual breaking points. And the risk of implosion brought on by accumulated work issues, which has affected their good state of mental health in one way or another, could not only result to decreased or poor productivity, but also eventual resignations.

Stress on the Job

Upholding and maintaining professionalism necessitates continuous support and a regulated degree of consideration not just on the employee’s part, but on their employers’ and their bosses’ as well. Remember: Your employees’ productivity depends on the state of their overall health, both physical and mental/emotional. Although most common physical illnesses plaguing workers can be easily remedied with good medical advice, mental health issues borne of or aggravated by job stress often accumulate and intensify overtime due to neglect.

Technically, job stress refers to the deleterious physical and emotional response resulting from a mismatch between the capability of the worker and his/her job requirements, needs, and/or resources. Job stress can wreak havoc to any worker’s physical health and mental disposition. Consequentially, it can promote work-related injuries, accidents, and overall carelessness on the job. Several factors that cause job stress have been identified:

unrealistic deadlines
job insecurity
isolated working conditions
lack of clear work-related instructions
lack of decision-making
inadequate healthcare/child-care provisions

Your Employee’s Performance and His/Her Mental Health

Workers enduring too much job stress run the risk of getting ill. Besides physical ailments resulting from a weakened immune system, they are in danger of getting seriously depressed, which has led to certain cases of employees’ committing suicide due to work-related issues. To date, job stress is among the most common work-associated health problems, particularly prevalent in developed and developing countries where greater emphasis is placed on the physical aspects of the workplace, while totally ignoring the psychological aspects linked to prevailing working conditions.

Mental health problems directly impact your employees’ performance. The adverse consequences are summarized accordingly:

overall sickness absences, especially frequent short periods of absence
poor health evident in depression, burnout, and stress
physical illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart disease, ulcers, sleeping disorders, skin rashes, headache, neck-and backache, and proneness to infections

Poor work performance
reduced productivity/work output
decreased work proficiency, resulting to increased error rates
increased accident rate
poor decision-making
decreased concern for planning or work outcome
reduced control over one’s work

Negative attitudes and behaviors
decline in or loss of motivation and commitment
more hours spent doing less work due to declining concern manifested in lethargy or an absence or lack of focus
increased tardiness

Poor work relationships
increased tension/conflicts between colleagues
increased rate of disciplinary issues
poor relationship with the clients

The Effects Of Beta-sitosterol On Bhp And Prostate Health

Many men will experience prostate problems over the course of their lifetime. It is estimated that 50% of men over 40 experience some sort of prostate symptoms and that depending on longevity that can go up to 95%. Some early symptoms of prostate disease are:

Blood in the urine


Urgent or frequent urination

Burning feeling during urination

Painful ejaculation
When first confronted with these symptoms it is a very frightening experience. The word cancer or tumor itself has a very negative connotation and for good reason. This brings fear and anxiety into peoples lives. The good news is that many of the symptoms associated with prostate cancer are also symptoms which are mimicked by a much less serious condition called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BHP.

What is the Prostate

The prostate lies below the bladder which stores urine. It surrounds the urethra which is the tube that urine flows through during evacuation. The prostate is one of the 3 glands necessary for reproduction and supplies about 15% of the total volume of semen. The exact function of the prostate is still largely unknown but is believed to promote survival of sperm cells by reducing acidity in the vagina.

What is BHP

Benign Prostaic Hyperplasis (BHP) is a condition that is also known as an enlarged prostate. This occurs from an increase in the number of cells in the prostate. This may occur in different parts of the prostate leading to different prostate shapes. This is a common condition and in no way associated with prostate cancer.

How can BHP be Treated

Now that we know what BHP is and what causes it, how can it be treated? For many years it was treated by surgery. The most common surgical procedure is trans urethral resection of the prostate gland (TURP). While the majority of men undergoing this procedure reported improved conditions it is not without it’s complications and needed to be repeated in anywhere from 2-10% of men within 5 years. Another treatment is through prescription drugs that also have a host of side effects. More recently a number of patients have reported positive results by the use of herbal remedies. For centuries ancient sages have were using saw palmetto berries, stinging nettle, rye pollen, star grass and pumpkin seeds to treat men with urological and prostate problems. Centurys later scientific study has affirmed their importance in fighting these disorders.

Is Beta-sitosterol Effective in treating BHP

Beta-sitosterol is a micro nutrient found in the cells and cell membranes of oil producing plants. It is a plant fat known as phytosterols. In this natural state it is very hard for the body to incorporate. Plant sterols were first described chemically in 1922. It was found that pumpkin seeds contained high amounts of the Beta-sitosterol. In its dietary form it is obtained from saw palmetto which contains very high levels of the substance.
Since then there have been many blind studies that have proven its effectiveness in the treatment of BHP. We have summarized a few for you review.

A very intensive study done over 31 years and involving 2929 men published in 1998 vol. 280 of the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that strong extracts of saw palmetto containing high levels of Beta-sitosterol improves urological symptoms and improved flow rates.

One of the most important and well done studies was conducted by Dr. Berges of the University of Bochum in Germany and published in the Lancet, vol 345 (1995). This study was done using 200 men, half of who received a placebo over the course of one year and concluded that “Significant improvement in symptoms and urinary flow parameters show the effectiveness of beta-sitosterol in the treatment of BPH.”

In conclusion, while ancient people were aware of the benefits of plants and berries containing Beta-sitosterol on prostate health it wasn’t until modern times that science could identify the substance that was responsible for the results that they were seeing. With the many studies done over the last 25 years the scientific community has been able to consistently repeat the benefits of the substance on men who are suffering from BHP and give them a proven alternative to drugs and surgery.